Start your own secretarial service business from home while you are still employed and protect yourself from downsizing.

Choosing a name for your secretarial business

Use Your Typing Skills
To Start
Your Own Home Business

"I have ordered your "Secretarial Business In-A-Box" system. It has been so incredibly helpful!! From even just the first few pages, I already felt empowered and like, "Hey, I can do this!!" I have already begun to get started on your tips, and the flyers/postcards/letters are a tremendous asset. The marketing tips were just what I was looking for. I have found some "job" sites online, and I am ashamed to admit, fallen for some scams. It was such a relief to find some real help. Again, your system is going to be so useful, and it has made me feel so confident in myself to be able to begin on this endeavor. Thank you for your time and your willingness to help others succeed." Nancy Ruben, North Augusta, SC


From: Leva Duell

Dear Entrepreneur,

Are you interested in typing work from home?

If you have ever dreamed of working from home and have good typing skills, here’s your chance to get all the typing work you want.

If you know how to use a computer and type at least 30 words per minute, you can turn your typing skills into a home business.

Every business, organization, and professional needs documents typed such as reports, letters, proposals, brochures, newsletters, and manuals. Many small and large companies outsource typing, computer jobs, and clerical tasks to secretarial services.

And that's where you come in if you have typing skills. A secretarial service provides typing services (people in the industry prefer calling it “keyboarding”) and miscellaneous administrative services to businesses, organizations, and individuals.

An Ideal Home-Based Business

If you have typing skills, you can finally realize the dream of getting your own home-based business and having control of when you work and who you work with.

Imagine how it will feel to work from the comfort of your home ... stay at home with your children ... eliminate rush hour traffic ... commute from the breakfast table to your office in just seconds ... be your own boss.

You'll set your own hours, decide how much or how little you want to work, and how much you charge, and you'll keep the profits instead of making money for your boss.

If you have a job, you don't have to leave your job. You can run your secretarial business part time.

You Don’t Need a Lot of Money
to Provide Typing Services

Many people have told me they don’t have the money to start a secretarial business. You need very little start-up money. All you need to open your doors for business is a computer, a printer, a phone, a ream of paper and some business cards.

The start-up cost is very low compared to just about any business. Did you know that starting a cleaning franchise requires $30,000 in cash and a $90,000-$130,000 inventory? Or that a daycare franchise requires an initial investment of $1.7 to $2.3 million dollars?

You don’t even need a high-end computer to start a secretarial business. Almost any computer will work to do word processing. If you're completely broke, you could ask a friend, neighbor or family member to give you their older computer and printer for free! You can even print some business cards yourself right from your own computer!

What Customers Say

"I have looked over quite a bit of it already, and I am amazed at how much information you have included. You have answered so many of my questions! I was concerned about whether this would be a good investment of my "business money", but I am very pleased with my purchase. Thank you very much!" - Julie Ensor, Antioch, TN (Nashville)

Naturally I had my reservation seeing that I'm living in Cape Town, South Africa and you're in the US. I consulted with some business people in South Africa who all warned me to be careful. I decided to "take the plunge". And I'm so glad that I did. Liezel Ferreira (Cape Town - South Africa)

"I recently purchased the Secretarial Business In-A-Box. I have to say that I am an extremely skeptical person by nature so I was a little bit unsure about purchasing the program at first.  I did some research and could find nothing but wonderful things regarding the program and Leva herself.  The information Leva provides to you is invaluable.  There is a wealth of information and resources to guide you along your way to creating a successful home based business. Everything in the program is extremely easy to follow and laid out for you step by step. Leva has always responded to me and answered my questions with extreme professionalism and detail. I cannot begin to explain how much this program has helped me so far. Don't waste another day or another moment deciding; buy the Secretarial Business In-A-Box today!  I'm so happy that I did!" Christine Paone, Bronx, NY

"I'm very grateful that you have put this package together, it's going to be a great help. I've been an Executive Assistant for years, however, due to a health problem, I had to give up my job last year. I had already been considering starting working for myself, so had registered my company name and web domain, however, I never got around to anything else.  Since reading the materials I purchased from you, finally I started to feel excited and motivated again." Lynne Templeman, Edinburgh, GB

Don't Fall for Typing Scams Promising Typing Work at Home

I'm sure you've seen ads for at-home typing work that mention that they outsource work to companies looking for typists, word processors, or secretaries working from home. They may portray unrealistic income potentials and promise that they will give you a list of companies looking for typists to work from home. They imply that the company will provide you with typing jobs. These listings are usually scams and the company does NOT provide typing jobs. What you'll get is a listing of companies with addresses and phone numbers all across your whole state. Most of the companies don't even know they are listed on those lists.

Be wary of companies providing typing work at home!

The Secretarial Business-In-A-Box
is NOT a Quick-Rich Scheme

"Secretary-in-a-box is the best investment I have made for the startup of my own secretarial business so far. All of the forms are right there to use if I wish. It has a lot of great marketing tips and tells what each type of business would be looking for" - Charlene Torchia

I don’t make false promises. I don’t provide typing work. I don’t give you a list of people who will provide you with work. As I said before, those are usually a scam and the people on those lists usually don't even know they are on them.

Instead, I help you start your own secretarial service business and show you how to get real typing work from home. I tell you how to get your own clients. The great thing is that once you get clients, they usually stay with you, so you don’t have to go looking for new work and clients every month.

This is NOT some goofy scam. This is a REAL, proven, and successful service that business owners need … AND you'll get a proven arsenal of marketing tools with a solid step-by-step plan!

You'll Get a Start-up Kit
To Get Your Business Started

The Secretarial Business-In-A-Box is a start-up kit that provides information, templates, and promotional materials to help you start your own secretarial business and grow your business. It helps you be successful and saves you a lot of time.

Your start-up kit includes:

getting clients for secretarial services A step-by-step start-up checklist, how to legitimize your business, register your business, get a business license, choose a business name and get a fictitious business name.

getting clients for secretarial services

How to get clients, how to identify your most profitable prospects and how to get their business, the best ways to market your secretarial services, what advertising methods work best for secretarial services.

marketing strategies for secretarial services

How to charge for your services.

promotional letters for secretarial services

7 prewritten letters and 16 ready-to-use postcards proven to attract clients and help introduce and promote your secretarial services to a variety of prospects.

postcards to promote secretarial services

Forms and agreements you need to run your business.

forms for secretarial services

Answers to frequently asked questions, and much more.

forms for secretarial services

Information and resources to find the best sources for equipment and supplies (but remember, you need very few supplies and very little equipment to get started)

Start your own secretarial business NOW.
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Look at What Satisfied Customers Are Saying

"In November 2005, I decided to start my own Secretary business. ...a few weeks into my business I decided to order Secretary in a Box and I am very glad that I did.

In this package there are many VITAL suggestions for becoming a success in your business. Leva tells you about the promotion you need to do in order to build your clientele and she lays it out very thoroughly and in the order of importance. I had thought about some of her promotional suggestions, but when I read the book, not only did it validate what I thought would work but it also gave me more ideas of how to make it work better. One of these was it was better to go to an office in person and meet the owner and go more than one time. Also work with the secretaries who are there. I would have never thought of that.

Another very important aspect of the business that Leva goes over very well is pricing and how to get paid for your work. This was very hard for me. I was having so much fun and felt guilty for charging a fee. I would have really undersold myself and thus lost my business if I hadn't read and followed Leva’s guidelines on pricing.

She also has all the formats for all the different paperwork laid out in the package. All you have to do is put in your information. I followed the suggestions for the flier when I made my own and I have gotten several clients just on the fact that they like my flier.

Leva has many, many suggestions for being a success with your business and her book gives you confidence that you can make it. Two months after I purchased the Secretary in a Box, I called Leva on the phone to ask her a question about one point of promoting. I dialed the number never really expecting someone to answer and she promptly answered her phone and stayed on the phone with me for over 15 minutes giving me pointers of how to successfully promote. Leva is wonderful and I can see why she is a success with her business. Thank you very much for all your help." Sharon Graves, Orange County, CA

"The kit has great info, ideas, and I think this will really work for me. I do have secretarial background but it's been about 13 years. Reading the info really jogged my memory and I will be able to think "outside the box" as well. I want very much to be able to work from home...This "Info Box" is Great!" - Lisa Woods, IN

"I am in the process of getting all my paperwork in order to open my
secretarial services business, and I must say your start up package has been tremendous." - Sandra Wright

"Your documents have really, really, really, helped to clarify some things and gave us more ideas than we originally had. We are also offering event planning like weddings, birthdays and such, and much more thanks to you." - Peyton Reed, TX

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start getting typing work from home

How I Got Started

I know exactly how you feel because I have been there. Fifteen years ago I bought a used computer with my credit card. Then, I had to figure out a way to pay off my credit card fast. I made a list of my experience and skills. I had been working as a secretary and had good typing skills.

So, I decided to provide typing services from home. But there was just one minor problem. I had done some word processing on an old mainframe computer at a job about 10 years prior to that. And when I hit the wrong command key and ran into trouble, a computer tech would help me out and get me back to the main screen. That was the extent of my computer experience. So, I took a couple of computer classes at a local Community College.

I created my first flyer and that took me three hours! That’s when I realized how big the need was for secretarial services. I knew that businesses didn’t have time to go through this learning curve. Now I began to get serious about offering typing services. Up to that point, I only wanted to pay off my credit card.

I printed inexpensive business cards, called the business “Leva’s Typing” and I was in business. I didn’t even know that the term “Secretarial Service” was more appropriate.

I Made a Lot of Mistakes

I learned as I earned. I didn’t have anyone to guide me. I read a lot of books but only found scattered bits and pieces of general business information. The few books I found about secretarial services were terribly outdated.

I Wasted a Lot of Time and Money

I made a lot of mistakes and it took me a long time to become successful. Luckily, after a year or two in the business, I got a phone call from a collegue who invited me to an association of secretarial services.

Through this organization, I was able to network with successful, established secretarial services. Some of them have been in business for over 20 years. I collected a lot of insider information and asked questions like: how much do you charge ... how do you get clients.... what are your most profitable services.... what kind of clients are giving you the most work ... what marketing methods work best for you. I learned a lot and I wrote everything down. After a few years, I became president of the association and was able to give back by helping newcomers.

I have been running my secretarial business for 15 years now. I live in Oceanside, California and work out of my home. I type reports, mailing lists, proposals, letters, manuals, resumes, and more. And when I’m tired staying at home, I take my computer to a coffee shop. My phone number is 760-722-0290.

Do You Want to Do Typing Work From Home
But Don't Know How to Get Work?

I have enjoyed helping many people start a secretarial business. Many people have asked me how I started a secretarial business. I had to repeat the same information over and over again. After a while, I started saving all the questions and my answers, and my notes became longer and longer. Then, I decided to compile all the information and organize it into a book that will give people all the information they need to get started in the shortest possible time.

I Can Help You Get Started

A lot of people want to type at home, but don’t know how to get started.

I can help you get started and become successful a lot faster than I did. I take you step-by-step on how to get started. Nothing is left out. I tell you how to find clients, who your best clients are, how to get repeat business, where to advertise, what to do and what not to do to be successful with your own secretarial service.

The Secret To Being Successful With Your Own Secretarial Business

All secretarial businesses provide typing services. But why do some of them make good money while others just get by? The secret lies in knowing how to get customers. You see, most people don't know how to promote their services. Those who are successful have these four things in common. They have:

Secretarial services in demand

Services that are in demand.

Marketing secretarial services

Marketing know-how.

promotional materials for secretarial services

Effective promotional materials to stay in touch with their prospects and motivate them to buy.

who are your secretarial clients

Clients who are willing to pay for their services.

The secret to being successful in your secretarial service is knowing how to market your business and how to get customers. To get good-paying clients, you need powerful marketing strategies and well-written marketing materials.

Ask yourself the important questions!

promotional materials for secretarial services

What promotional materials are effective?

marketing methods for secretarial services

What marketing methods work for secretarial services?

what secretarial services are in demand

What services are in demand?

profitable clients for secretarial services

Who are your most profitable clients?

The Secretarial-Business-In-A-Box gives you the answers
and the
Insiders' Tools You'll Need To Succeed

I share my own experience and that of my successful colleagues, and let you tap into the closely guarded strategies successful business owners are using to build their businesses. Now you can take advantage of this inside knowledge and have privileged access to the complete details of how savvy secretarial service owners became successful. You'll learn step-by-step what secretarial services do to bring in clients.

While you're trying to figure out why some secretarial services are successful and others can't get their businesses off the ground, you can lose numerous opportunities!

It's silly to waste time when you can have this inside information! When you copy what successful entrepreneurs are doing, you'll dramatically increase your chances to be successful.

Avoid months, even years of costly trial and error. Simply follow my simple yet powerful strategies to grow your business as fast as possible. Save time and money.

"I just downloaded the Secretarial Business-In-A-Box and am very pleased with the information provided. This saves me a lot of time, which is money." - Brenda Grover, ABS Secretarial Services, IL

Click here to order the secretarial start-up kit.

What You'll Learn from the Experts:

"Things began to really come together in my secretarial business when I met Leva. Leva advised me on pricing, referred work to me, and answered my many questions. I can say with absolute assurance that if I had not met Leva, I could not have made my business work.

That's why I think her product, "Secretarial Business-in-a-Box", is brilliant. You get to pick the brain of someone who has been successfully operating this type of business for years. I wish this product had been around when I first got started! One challenge I had before was knowing how to price my services. Leva helped me immensely in that area.

Don't reinvent the wheel. Instead, pick the brains of more experienced people like Leva."

Nancy Gillespy, Vista, CA

Getting Profitable Clients

This ebook is filled with jump-start suggestions for getting clients and includes the following:

  • 50 types of clients you can pursue.
  • Who your most profitable prospects are.
  • How to find them.
  • How to get their business.
  • 24 strategies to promote your secretarial services.

Grow Your Secretarial Service with Proven Marketing Strategies (The inside scoop of what works and what doesn't)

Marketing is the most important part of any business. In this special insider report, I tell you how to get clients for your secretarial business and then turn them into repeat business and referrals.

Many secretarial services get off to a slow start. So did I. I wasted time and money by using a hit-and-miss approach to promoting my secretarial services. Some promotions worked. A lot of them were a waste of time and money. Don't make the same mistakes I made.

I asked colleagues to rank their most successful methods of getting secretarial work... the most effective advertising methods ... which marketing methods work and which don't. This report will tell you what works for me and what works for other successful secretarial services. Now you can avoid making the mistakes I made, you can avoid wasting time, and you can be successful a lot sooner than I was.

This special insider report is your blueprint to expanding your secretarial business. It's filled with jump-start suggestions and little-known strategies for getting your phone ringing, getting clients, and boosting your secretarial business. Get these helpful tips:

  • 23 ways to promote your secretarial service on a tight budget.
  • 10 little-known strategies to boost your secretarial business in the shortest time possible.
  • Simple, proven methods to generate repeat business.
  • The most effective advertising methods for secretarial businesses.
  • Inside direct marketing strategies to boost your secretarial business and get your phone ringing!
  • How to have clients contact you!

Doesn't it make sense to take advantage of this inside knowledge ... to know what works and what doesn't and avoid wasting months -- even years -- of costly trial and error?

Boost Your Secretarial Business
with Quick-Start Mailing Campaigns

Proven Marketing Materials Ready For You To Use

Now you can have the exact same sales letters and postcards I sent to my clients and prospects. I know they work. They've given me lots of clients and repeat business. You can use them word for word ... or customize them to reflect your own personality or specialized services you offer!

You can have an entire collection of professional, proven, and highly-effective sales letters and postcards at your fingertips! Think about it. Hard-hitting sales letters and postcards are powerful sales tools. They will relentlessly go out and deliver your message to clients perfectly every time. They keep your name in front of your prospects and clients, bring you additional business from existing clients, and generate new clients. Marketing experts agree that sending regular mailings works very well.

7 Real-World Promotional Letters Proven to Bring Clients

These ready-to-use letters introduce and promote your secretarial services. They are geared to a variety of clients in several industries. They offer different approaches to introduce and promote a wide range of secretarial services such as word processing, business transcription desktop publishing, and more. You can customize the letters any way you want. Or simply add your business name and mail them out.

16 Ready-to-use Proven Promotional Postcards to Promote Your Secretarial Services

My custom-designed postcards will set you apart from your competition. They are backed by 12 years of success. And it will only take minutes to add your business name, phone number, personalized message, and special offer on the address side of the postcards. Mail or hand-deliver the postcards to your prospects and clients -- put them on bulletin boards, and use them as display ads.

postcards to promote secretarial services

When you are running your business, you will find little time to create your own direct marketing pieces. Think about how long it would take you to create and fine-tune 16 postcards yourself.

Save time and work! Promote your business NOW and get your phone ringing in just a couple of days. I have already done all the work for you.

  • 13 promotional postcards
    These postcards have generated a lot of new clients, repeat business, and referrals for me. They can do the same for you! The postcards sell the need for your services, establish you as an expert, and increase your credibility. They focus on the benefits your clients get from using your services such as saving time and money, getting overload help, and portraying a professional image with good-looking documents.
  • 3 special-occasion greeting cards for New Year, Thanksgiving, and Halloween.


  • 2 coupons to motivate new clients to do business with you.
  • A gift certificate to send to your clients and motivate new clients to try your services.
  • A referral certificate to send to your clients to increase referral business.

The form letters and postcards that are included in the “Secretarial-In-A-Box” I found to be one of the most important benefits in running your business.  Leva did a fantastic job in putting the whole package together. I cannot thank her enough as she made my job a lot easier in getting started on running your own business.  Thank you Leva!!! Lisa C. Aquino, Batavia, NY -

"I love your postcards. My niche is medical doctors and my advertising just wasn't working anymore. So I'm glad to get some more ideas." - Zita Stanleyssz, IE

"I purchased your Business in a Box a couple of weeks ago! It's been super useful in re-starting my virtual assistant practice - your sales letters and postcards gave me some great ideas that I've put to use already. Thanks a million!" - Michelle Nestegard

Don't miss another mailing!
Take advantage of our ready-to-use, proven postcards and sales letters to promote your business NOW!
Click here to order.

Ready-to-Use Forms and Agreements
To Run Your Business

forms for secretarial services

Protect Yourself With Agreements. Avoid costly misunderstandings and spell out everything before you start working on a project. Prevent problems before they occur with written agreements. If you don't protect yourself with agreements, you can lose money, time, and clients.

Save months of work! Take advantage of our ready-to-use forms!

Client Agreement

Have you ever had a client not pay you or come back with multiple revisions, expecting you to make free changes? This has happened to all of us! Without a client agreement, some clients will not pay you. That's why it is so important to cover everything in detail before starting a project. This Ready-to-Use Client Agreement avoids costly misunderstandings. It describes the work you will do, your fees, extra charges, when fees are payable, what's included in your estimate, the client's responsibility, and more.

Don't take the chance of losing money, time, and rapport with your client! Protect yourself with a client agreement.

Independent Contractor Agreement

Once the jobs start coming in, you are likely to need independent contractors to help you with overload work. My Independent Contractor Agreement describes the work your contractors will do for you, how much you will pay them, and when. And a non-compete clause prevents contractors from taking your clients.

I provide the letters, forms, and agreements in Microsoft Word. (Let us know if you need a different format.)

100% Risk-Free - Unconditional Guarantee

Your success in using these powerful and proven strategies is completely guaranteed. In fact, here's my Iron-clad, better than risk-free, money-back guarantee:

I personally guarantee that if you make an honest effort to try just a few of these proven strategies, postcards, and sales letters in your secretarial business, you'll get clients that you would never get without the use of my proven, strategies! You've got 3 full months to prove to yourself these strategies and materials really do work. But, if you aren't 100% satisfied, just let me know and I'll give you an immediate, no-questions-asked refund right on the spot! Plus... you can keep the FREE bonus gifts (see below) just for trying my program!

Is that fair or what? It means you can try out all my client-generating techniques and promotional materials risk-free. And if you don't get the results I've promised, I want you to ask for your money back. And, you can keep the FREE bonuses as my way of thanking you for giving this program a try. There is no risk whatsoever on your part!

Click here to order The Secretarial Business-In-A-Box Risk Free.

Let's quickly recap what you'll get:

getting clients for secretarial services How to Get Started - Clear, step-by-step instructions.

getting clients for secretarial services

Getting Profitable Clients - an ebook jam-packed with ideas to help you identify your most profitable clients and get their business.

marketing strategies for secretarisl services

Grow Your Secretarial Service with Proven Marketing Strategies - a leading-edge market report with powerful marketing strategies to grow your business in record time.

postcards to promote secretarial services

Winning postcards - 16 ready-to-use postcards to promote your business.

sales letters to promote secretarial services

Proven sales letters - 7 targeted letters to enhance your marketing strategies.

forms for secretarial services

Ready-to-use forms - Important agreements you need to safeguard your business.

Check the Table of Contents!

But Hold On ... We're Not Done Yet.
You'll Also Get 7 FREE Bonuses If You Order TODAY.

  • BONUS 1: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Getting Started. Includes a business start-up checklist; what equipment you need to run a secretarial business; how to legitimize your business, register your business, get a business license, and get a fictitious business name.
  • BONUS 2: My Rate Sheet showing what I charge for various secretarial services. This is extremely valuable. How to price their services is the number one question I get from new secretarial businesses. This up-to-date pricing information is NOT available in ANY bookstore!

"The Secretarial Business-In-A-Box has really helped to instill confidence in my talents. I have opened a publishing business and have included secretarial services as part of what we offer. Your information has been priceless. The most important to me was how to price my services." Cathey Pavlikian, NC

"One pricing tip alone will add 45% to my income this year." - Nancy Johnson, CA

" ... Another very important aspect of the business that Leva goes over very well is pricing and how to get paid for your work . This was very hard for me. I was having so much fun and felt guilty for charging a fee. I would have really undersold myself and thus lost my business if I hadn’t read and followed Leva’s guidelines on pricing." Sharon Graves, Orange County, CA

  • BONUS 3 ($14.99 value): Ready-to-use letterhead, invoice, and fax cover sheet to save you even more time. Plus samples of my business cards and brochure.

  • BONUS 4 ($14.99 value): Waiver of Liability.
    Avoid personal liability and problems with a liability waiver. Face it, we all make mistakes. If you make a typing error, you don't want yoru customer demanding that you pay for printing or mailing expenses when you made an error.
    My waiver has a friendly tone but waives your liability for any expenses or losses resulting from errors.

  • BONUS 5 ($14.99 value): Survey Form to Help You Improve Your Customer Service.
    Surveys are a powerful marketing tool. A survey form is the best way to find out how your clients perceive you, what they like, what additional services they would like you to offer, why they do business with you instead of your competitors, what you are doing well, and what you can improve.

  • BONUS 6 ($14.99 value): Get Organized.

Are papers piling up? Is your schedule hectic and your life unorganized?  

Within this 52 page guide, "101 Ways to Help You Get Organized and Stay Organized," you'll learn how to turn your hectic life right side up.

With tips and tactics to bring order to your life, you can start getting organized and feel the weight lifted off your shoulders. Includes:

  • 64 steps to organizing your office.
  • 3 steps to dealing with papers and documents to keep your desk, office, or kitchen counter organized.
  • 6 time-saving tips to help you get and stay organized.
  • 3 things to concentrate on when you plan your schedule.

BONUS 7 ($14.77 value):
The Secrets of Microsoft Word
+ Learn How You Could Get $100's of Dollars Worth of FREE Microsoft Software.


Microsoft Word provides powerful tools that can help your business, save you money, and make your documents look more professional. Discover powerful ways to use Word and key features that 99.9% of Word users don’t have a clue about.

  • Design business cards, stationary, flyers, newsletters, brochures.
  • Create powerful graphic design and 3D graphic art.
  • Make impressive sales charts and presentations with a few clicks.
  • Create mailing labels.
  • Get free clipart.

Now you can quickly use Microsoft Word to save your business money! This guide also tells you the little known method to get Microsoft Software...for free! You could save $100 or more (even $200 or $500) on Microsoft software.
(NOTE: This book is not associated with Microsoft.)

"You have been invaluable through all of this. Thanks so much for everything. I checked out your CD. Very useful and informative. Thanks again." - Barb Butler

"The Secretarial Business-In-A-Box has really helped to instill confidence in my talents. I have opened a publishing business and have included secretarial services as part of what we offer. Your information has been priceless. The most important to me was how to price my services." Cathey Pavlikian, NC

"I have always wanted to have my own business but didn’t know how to start it. But in April 2006 I was on the Internet looking for a home based business for Secretarial. I came across the Secretarial Business-In-A-Box. I must say I was very skeptical about the whole thing. I have been burnt so many times. But I decided what is there to lose - after all I could order "Risk Free."

After receiving the material I must say that it was a good decision for me to make. I love the way Leva laid everything out from pricing, flyer designs, invoices, and the postcards in fact what really blew my mind was when I found out she designs web sites.

I have spoken with Leva and I must say it was a GREAT pleasure. She helped me understand small things that I didn’t understand. All I want to say to Leva is “Thank You” for making a believer out of me and with the help of God my business will succeed." - Karlene C. Green-Black, Buffalo, NY



Okay. You're probably wondering what the cost is for these incredible resources, right? Well, realize that this collection of proven marketing strategies and marketing pieces could easily sell for hundreds of dollars. The bonuses alone are worth over $74.95.

But the investment for this entire package is just $57! Look at it this way. $57 is really just a painless drop in the bucket compared to the time, money and frustration you're going to waste on ineffective marketing that won't get you clients. That's why...

You Really Can't Afford NOT To Invest In This
Secretarial-Business-In-A-Box System!

Start your own home-based business NOW. Get the instant tools now to start your own secretarial business and work in the comfort of your own home.

Just click on the link below and you will get immediate access to the Secretarial-Business-In-A-Box right on the spot!

Click here now
to start your own secretarial business


leva duell, author of the Secretarial Business In A Box

Leva Duell



Eliminate costly trial and error and grow your business faster. Just follow the simple, powerful Business-In-A-Box strategies that have proven to work! Save time and money -- every dollar you don't make today is gone forever!


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Income disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent the products, services and techniques and their potential on this website. Examples are not to be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Any earnings, revenue, or income statements are strictly estimates. Earning potential is entirely dependent on the person using our products, services, ideas and techniques. Your results will vary and depend on your personal abilities, experience, knowledge, talents, level of desire, motivation, commitment, effort, business experience, the market in which you compete, your ability to take effective action and implement what you learned and an infinite number of variables beyond our control. Since these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success or income level. We do not purport this as a "Get Rich Scheme." There is no promise that you will make a certain amount of money, or any money as a result of using our products and services. Nor are we responsible for any of your actions.

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